Corporate Sponsorships

Do you want to help brain cancer sufferers whilst also helping grow your business at the same time??? Why not become one of our sponsors by affiliating your business with our charity and use our name and logo on your own advertising. By making the commitment to donate a portion/percentage of sales/business revenue to Peace of Mind Foundation, you are not only helping a magnificent cause but you are showing your clientele and the public that when they purchase from you they are also contributing to supporting brain cancer. It makes you look good, feel good, and your clients feel good too 🙂

Please contact us to discuss or for more information.

It is Peace of Mind Foundations greatest goal to pioneer a brighter future for brain cancer support services in Australia. In this country unfortunately Brain Cancer is considerably under recognised and underfunded, and very little support services are available. But this is where Peace of Mind Foundation fills that void! We have on offer an extensive range of support services to our clients, but just like everything in life, our ability to provide them is all subject to funding. We have the smarts and the passion needed to be a leading force for brain cancer support; but we need the means!

Unfortunately it is not possible to provide adequate support to brain cancer sufferers if we solely are relying on donations and fundraisers; this is why we need the help of corporate companies and local businesses.

We offer annual sponsorship packages and there are 3 levels of sponsorship funding available.

To view our sponsorship options please download our packages PDF.