Grey Day Challenge  

What is it?

Grey is the nationally recognised colour for ‘brain cancer’…just as ‘Pink’ is the colour for ‘breast cancer’. Our ‘Grey Day Challenge’ is a fundraising idea with a difference! It’s fun, a bit outlandish and anyone can do it anytime and anywhere!


How does it work?

One morning you wake up, go to your wardrobe to get dressed and what do you wear????? GREY! Just GREY! All GREY for a WHOLE DAY! Am I just talking about wearing a grey shirt??? NOOOOO….Every single thing from your head to your toe must be GREY. Even your underwear…



You need to stand out! You need to look different from anyone else so that when your friends, family, workmates, people in the supermarket (slightly embarrassing) see you, they all ask why you are dressed in GREY. That’s when you turn into a brain cancer awareness SUPERHERO!!! You tell everyone you know that you are wearing GREY for a DAY to raise awareness and FUNDS to support people living with Brain Cancer…and you’re not going to change your clothes until you raise a MONSTROUS amount of money for the cause! Even if that means wearing the same clothes for a week…YUCK!


What do I do now?

Send us an email, message us on facebook, give us a call…and tell us that you are brave enough to do the GREY DAY CHALLENGE! We will then send you out all the information you need, some promotional flyers, business cards, etc and you start spreading the word to everyone you know to get them to sponsor you a certain amount of money to dare you to complete the challenge.

The One BIG Rule…you MUST go out in public on your GREY DAY and get someone to take a photo of you and post it on our Facebook wall to say you have COMPLETED the challenge! Visual proof to all the people that have donated money to your challenge. Plus we just want to have a bit of laugh…

Once completed, you pay all donations raised into our bank account or via our paypal account.

And then you DARE someone else to do it…