Counselling and Support

Life can be stressful at the best of times; and certainly none more so when you find out you or someone you love is diagnosed with a serious illness. The brain cancer journey is something that none of us every imagined being on; a place we never ever wished to go…but yet we are here! There is nothing more necessary than ensuring that you do not do this journey ALONE!

Dealing with brain cancer, whether it be personally or from a distance, is one of the toughest challenges that you may face, and there are so many unexpected obstacles along the way. It is all unknown territory and it is crucial that you and your family have an outside support network to help carry you through. Peace of Mind Foundation will be offering:  

  • Chaplaincy/Pastoral Care

  • Professional Counselling (Individuals & Support Groups)

  • Journey Buddies Program (linking experienced brain cancer caregivers with┬árecently diagnosed patients/families┬áto assist them emotionally & physically on their brain cancer journey)

Geelong Brain Cancer Support Group

Peace of Mind Foundation is running our own Geelong Brain Cancer Support Group. If you are a patient, carer, friend or family member living in the Geelong/Surf Coast region then we would love to hear from you. This group is a wonderful opportunity to connect with other brain cancer patients/families who are living in your region and going through similar circumstances. We are conducting sessions once a month and will feature numerous guest speakers (health professionals/dieticians/psychologists/researchers, etc). The support group also offers regular fun and interactive social activities and is the perfect environment in which to discuss feelings, emotions and share your individual stories.

This group is offered FREE of charge and for those requiring extra support we can assist you with obtaining funded individual/family based counselling provided by a cancer specialized psychologist.

Please note that we run a fun kids program in conjunction with the support group so that adults can attend sessions with peace of mind that their children are being looked after in the room next door (and saves having to stress about needing to find a babysitter for home). Please inform us prior to attendance if you require use of this bonus service.

If you are a Barwon resident and would like to receive professional individual counselling or family therapy please contact us to ask for a referral.

For more information regarding our Geelong Brain Cancer Support Group or to register your interest, please contact us today. Download the PDF Geelong Brain Cancer Support Group Flyer.

Please Note:
All our services may be subject to funding and may depend on your location. Nevertheless, please feel free to contact us, to find out what assistance we may be able to give. We look forward to hearing from you.