Home Based Services

For us, this is the service that we are most excited about delivering! It is also the service that we found was lacking the most in support whilst on our brain cancer journey. Whilst you are in hospital you have a certain level of support and care, but it can be quite overwhelming once you make that transition from hospital to home.  It is very common for you (the patient/caregiver/family member) to feel isolated and out of your depth, at this time. Not knowing what to do or how you can manage to stay on top of everything, I’m sure is something everyone in your situation has felt.

Looking after a loved one affected by brain cancer can be a full time job in itself, let alone adding your everyday workload of managing your home, your children, your finances, etc. Peace of Mind Foundation is exceptionally passionate about providing in home care to help lighten that load. Below is a list of services that we may be able to offer you (all are subject to funding and may depend on your location):

  • Home based nursing care

  • House Cleaning

  • Garden/Lawn Maintenance

  • Pet care/dog walking

  • Childcare/Babysitting

  • Home Meals Delivery

  • Transport Services (taxi vouchers, private wheelchair access vehicle hire, interstate private chartered flights for the purpose of medical treatment)

  • House Modifications due to physical impairment