Who Are We  

Peace of Mind Foundation is a registered not for profit organisation based in Geelong, Victoria.

We exist to improve quality of life for brain cancer patients and their families by providing financial, emotional and practical support. We understand the continuous demand of everyday responsibilities, plus ongoing financial commitments still need to be met even during this time of crisis. Peace of Mind Foundation was created to help alleviate these everyday stresses by supplying not just monetary assistance but also hands on help at home, in hospital and throughout the whole journey.

In order to achieve our intended purposes we require the support of the general public, help from local businesses and government assistance. Regular fundraising activities and events, supported by government grants, company sponsorship and public donations, will be our sole source of funding.

Whilst we support ALL organisations that raise funding to go towards brain cancer RESEARCH; our foundation is NOT researched based. Our primary focus is on providing direct help here and now to people diagnosed with malignant brain tumours, and to spread awareness of this devastating disease.

Besides promoting brain cancer awareness, Peace of Mind Foundation has three main areas that we are focused on:
It is of utmost importance to us that we provide a service that displays professionalism, empathy, integrity and understanding. We want to give support that is personalised to each individual family, not just a voice on the end of a telephone!! We will do what we can, HERE and NOW, to help your current circumstances and help carry you through this unexpected journey called ‘Brain Cancer’…

Peace of Mind Directors

Clinton Matthews

Clinton Matthews

Clinton Matthews (Director and Founder)

Clinton is a full-time single dad, part-time registered nurse and 100% passionate about helping others with Brain Cancer. Due to Clinton’s personal experience of losing his wife to brain cancer late 2011, he understands the urgent need for hands on help, funding, and emotional support for brain cancer patients and their families. He is also a strong promoter of brain cancer awareness and believes that Brain Cancer is desperately under funded and under recognised within Australia.  

Rebecca Picone

Rebecca Picone

Rebecca Picone (Director and Founder)

Rebecca is a full-time single mum, and Clinton’s younger sister. She too was largely impacted by the death of her sister in law, and was witness to the unbelievable challenge caring for a loved one with brain cancer can be. Rebecca is completely devoted to this cause and has committed to running the organisation full-time voluntary. She is a strong public speaker, creative and super passionate about this cause.