Jenny's Strength

Jenny was a 36-year-old mother of two girls and a loving wife. She was a stay-at-home mom, dedicated to raising her two girls. Her passion was children and gift-giving: She loved to pour out gifts on her own children, her nieces and nephews. 

When Jenny got ill in 2007, her daughters’ lives would be changed forever. Jenny was diagnosed with glioblastoma and was no longer able to function completely as a mother. Her daughters had to rely on others for their care when their father was busy caring for their mom. 

At times they would stay with relatives or friends, Pillow Pet in tow! The girls were blessed to have family, friends, and church members rally around them to support them. What a difference a community of people can make in the life of a child. 

The girls then had an idea. Why not encourage and support other children who are going through a similar circumstance? 

After receiving a contribution from a local news station, Jenny’S Strength was born. 

We were blessed to have Jenny with us until her passing in January, 2012. The struggle was hard, but the family learned that life is precious, valuable, and that in the worst circumstances, compassion brings light and hope. 

Do you know a child who needs encouragement?