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Fundraising disclaimer & agreement

Peace of Mind Foundation Limited reserves the right to deny any fund raising application if we feel it will not be with in the best interests of the organisation to accept . We also reserve the right to withdraw any applications after approval if we believe there is the possibility that our Fund raising Guidelines will be breached.

In consideration of my application being accepted, I understand, intending to be legally bound for myself and my heirs, executor and administrators, waive and release the organisers and sponsors (individually and collectively), including the directors, officers, staff, volunteers and representatives thereof, and indemnify them against any liability (including liability for negligence) for the death or any physical or mental illness, incapacity of property damage or loss which I may suffer which may directly or indirectly result from my participation in the fundraiser/activity . I further verify that I am in appropriate physical and mental condition to participate in the fundraiser and acknowledge that I am aware of the risks involved and voluntarily agree to assume those risks.