Our Services 


Alleviating everyday stresses, to improve quality time shared

Our services are primarily focussed on providing financial, emotional and practical support to patients who have been diagnosed with malignant brain tumours.

Our services are available to those diagnosed with Brain Cancer and living in Victoria, our retreats are available to all patients from all states and territories. For patients outside Victoria, who are interested in the services outlined below, please contact us and we can connect you with organisations that can help.


Counselling & Wellbeing

Services to help patients, family and loved ones reconcile life with brain cancer; manage depression, anxiety and isolation, and continue to enjoy life.

Financial Assistance

Services to help cope with financial stress, including loss of income and unexpected medical expenses that results from a diagnosis.

Home Services

Services to help lighten the load of managing and maintaining a home, to allow focus on quality time shared. 

Retreats & Community Events

Learn more about Peace of Mind’s event calendar, including our brain cancer retreat weekends, available to patients, carers and families from all across Australia.