Understanding Brain Cancer & Useful Links


Resources to help awareness, understanding and preparation for the changes that come as a result of diagnosis

Of all the tools and resources available, we believe the most practical to help you in your situation is It’s OK to Ask. The guide helps individuals ask the right questions at the most difficult times.

Download It’s OK to Ask.

Useful links for what it is & what to expect:


Cancer Council Australia

Brain Cancer Information ranging from what it is to symptoms, diagnosis and prognosis.

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Cancer Australia Children’s Cancer

Brain Cancer Information - from what it is to symptoms, diagnosis and prognosis.

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Brain Tumour Alliance Australia

A nation wide information support organisation for people affected by a brain tumour diagnosis.

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National Brain Tumor Society

Leading American resources with highly detailed information surrounding what to expect

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American Cancer Society

Information and tips on how to deal with anxiety, fear and depression caused from a cancer diagnosis.

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Rare Cancers Australia

Detailed information about brain cancer and the various tumour types.

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Brain cancer foundations & research organisations we support:


Cure Brain Cancer

Australia’s leading force in brain cancer research and finding a cure!

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RCD Fund

In memory of Robert Connor Dawes, focussing on: Research, Care & Development.

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BrainLink, Reducing the impact of acquired brain disorders in our community.

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Charlie Teo Foundation

An innovative brain cancer research charity headed up by world renowned neurosurgeon, Dr Charlie Teo.

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Isabella & Marcus Foundation

A research focused charity dedicated to finding a cure for the deadly children’s brain tumour known as DIPG.

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Hand in Hand Fighting Brain Cancer

Hand in Hand, a brain cancer support organisation providing information and practical assistance.

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Brain Child Foundation

A charity organisation with the aim of helping children affected by brain and spinal cord tumours.

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